Wednesday, August 09, 2017

My July Happiness Project WOW is all I can Say!


Where to start.  I have to say yet again that I am amazed at how my monthly Happiness Project Goal Keywords have fit perfectly to everything in my life that is going on since I started this project.  The thing that hasn't fit is travel and not having my computer - I think I have become more paperless than I realized, so i'm now back to both the paper journal and the computer (when I have one available).

Family Appreciation

Family; descendants of a common ancestor is one definition.
Appreciation; defined as recognize, treasure, admire, respect, to realize acknowledge grasp the full worth.

Appreciate my family

We had a little family reunion and while there for a few short days I found that I did appreciate 
all the money that was spent to get there,

all the time that was put aside to be there,

all the effort that was made to put aside differences,
All the food that was provided and made specially for us, 
All of the crafts that were prepared provided and made with my baby grands, 

All of the stories of heritage and memories that were shared
All of the family games created just for us to play together, 
All of the conversations, 
All of the traditions brought forward 
And all of the love that was there.
Remember how I ask what's the One Thing you believe in?
I believe in family!

As I prepare to pull up roots and move again it's been different this time because of friendship.  I have really built up walls there these last few years and have built limited friendships.  This time in letting go its been interesting to watch the man come to tears and really "feel" loss as he packed up his office and left his peers who, maybe for the first time are indeed his friends.  

It's so interesting to me to observe the ties that bind and the need for friendship and people in your life to indeed find happiness. 
Instead of note to self, lecture to self;   This next chapter I need to drop walls and be all in, the kids are gone Kel get over it and find your own self, stop waiting for the next chapter, turn the page and be grateful for friends created along the way.  In so doing be appreciative and acknowledge the blessing of living everywhere you have lived and having all the friends you do because of all the places he's drug you to and using the tool of #MyHappinessProject continue to explore, invest and build life and relationships - yes even in your 60s!

Find Joy in the Moment!  (Also Find joy getting rid of stuff)!The way I look at it is as simple as asking "what if", what if we do and what if we don't? It was me this time, it was me that said "What if hon, you should go for it".  And Thus we see... Joy in the moment!  Not that it's easy to pack it up and say good-bye to this beautiful place where we live #ilovewashington #itswhereilive Talk about a perfect topic and timing for #MyHappinessProject we made a choice to follow the dream and ONE more time make the move.  

Looking back, Feb was the month for me to find Joy in getting tidy and I totally remember getting everything out laying it on the bed and walking out of the room...and thus we see, I am not ready and will be quickly getting rid of things and taking things that I shouldn't be and will in August again be continuing to find Joy in the moment of unpacking and unloading more "things"!

This is the first time we have moved without kids and so it seems even more obvious that we have too much "stuff" when it's only 2 of us and we are loading up a semi again!  I am beginning to admire the "millennial" attitude but dang it's hard to let go.  I strive.


Back to family. We hadn't all been together ever,  just for fun in fact the last time we were all in the same place at the same time was 2010 in Arizona when we buried my mom.

This was a time for us to restore our feelings, backgrounds, our memories, our relationships.

I liked to call it "The Gathering 2017" and when you gather you Do in fact restore.  I do so appreciate this fact and that this has happened. From Measurements on the wall at Nana and Papis to school pictures from the 80's and 90's from bowling to church on Sunday from movie time to Now the Day is Over, I pray for Blessings on my family everyday everyday everyday!

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